Meet Andre Purdy – 2018 Designer of the Year


Q. How does it feel to be named MKEFW’s 2018 Designer of the Year?
A. It’s a great honor and privilege to be named MKEFW’s 2018 designer of the year. I am very excited just to know that people love what I do. It’s so rewarding and such a phenomenal feeling.

Q. How did you decide to be a designer? Who or what inspired you? Continue reading “Meet Andre Purdy – 2018 Designer of the Year”

Michelle Angelique Borrero – 2018 Model of the Year



Photographer: Dave Hathaway | Model: Michelle Angelique Borrero | Designer: Gawarecki Studio | Makeup Artist: Robyn Schlei


Q. How did it feel to be announced as MKEFW’s 2018 Model of the Year?
A. I was completely surprised! Enough that they couldn’t post the video of my reaction haha! It’s something I wasn’t expecting, and am so honored and thankful for the opportunity. It’s been a fantastic year, and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Q. Who or what inspired you to be a model?
A. . Starting out on the journey of a model was never something I thought I’d end up doing. But my mom said I should try out just to see. “What’s the worse that could happen?” I said, “You’re right”, so I tried out. My mom inspired me to do something I never saw myself getting into.

Q. When was the first time you did the catwalk? How did it feel? 
A. Well my first first time walking Continue reading “Michelle Angelique Borrero – 2018 Model of the Year”