While the other girls in her grade school classroom were dreaming of growing up to be a mom, nurse or teacher, Alisa was dreaming of being Madonna.

Her penchant for all things glam began in the early 80s, where she spent her days watching MTV and dressing as her favorite pop icon; who was dreamily clad in layers of lace, leather and jewels.

hm chic vintage gravitates towards that style including slinky silk blouses, bold patterns, disco stylings, and sequin jackets in feminine and flattering silhouettes, and accessories to add an additional layer of interest. It’s wearing that special piece on a weekday rather than weekend, because you know style isn’t just a special occasion. It’s Madonna, but accessible – and affordable. It’s Saturday Night Style – On A Tuesday.

hm chic vintage can be purchased locally at Plume, 3001B S. Kinnickinnic Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53207, via IG or at