When asked ”What do you want to be when you grow up?”, some know from the very start. Even at age 5, Sydney was resolute in her response; “Fashion Designer”. She began her career crafting clothing for public school friends’ stuffed animals and sketching elaborate ideas of costumes she wanted  to make together with her mom. In doing-so, Sydney began to learn how to use a sewing machine. Her study of art and fashion continued as she was homeschooled through her middle-school and high school  years. Focusing on internships at SooHoo Wearable Art and the Peninsula Art School, private classes with local artists, the deconstruction and reconstruction of garments(upcycling), making costumes for and appearing in local theater in Door County, WI, and many trips to thrifty resale stores to hunt materials for making her designs. This a-typical childhood allowed her to refine her skills with limitless creative freedom. Recycling old textiles and giving them new life is “green” fashion. Each MoonBabe garment is sewn from carefully collected materials, typically utilizing second-hand textiles purchased locally at stores like St Vincent De Paul and Goodwill. Unconventional materials, treasures found in costume trunks and hand-me-downs are often elegantly incorporated and honored appropriately. This artistic process allows a MoonBabe design to come together more naturally over time, and tell a story within its fibers.

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