Usman La’Aro is a family-owned brand created by designer
Simbiat Laaro. All ready-to-wear garments are designed and
tailored in Lagos, Nigeria to promote the richness and strength of
Nigerians. As a designer, Simbiat focuses on the finest details and
highest quality in style and design.

Simbiat opened Usman La’Aro’s first U.S. based store on
Milwaukee’s East Side in the fall of 2016. She merges traditional
West African and modern styles to work, play and impress. While
her designs instinctively appeal to Africans and the African
diaspora, she is contributing to a global movement inclusive of all
members of society. She knows that the continent of Africa has
the world’s best yet most unnoticed tailors and designers in the entire fashion industry. Along with her family, this is the effort to spread global recognition and esteem for African design.