Unique Fashion and Trendy Aesthetic Encompasses Tomorrow’s Talent

May 10th was a cool but beautiful day, and what a better way to spend it than attending Mount Mary Universities 51st Annual Creo Student Designer Fashion Show!  Featuring three student showcases in one day, the event is produced by Mount Mary’s Merchandise Management students, and the aesthetic was simply stellar.  The theme this year is entitled “Unscripted: Off The Cuff”, and audience got to see over 80 garments walk the rectangular runway, designed by sophomore, junior, and senior students in fashion design. Our Director of Photography, Dave Hathaway, captured some of our favorite designs and moments from the show:


Childrens:                                                                     Business:



Fashion Forward:                                                            Best in Show:



Red Dress –  In March of 2019, Mount Mary fashion students, faculty and alumnae created red dresses to the cause of women’s heart health. It was great to see those acknowledged at Creo! All of the designs were stunning! Take a look at this strapless dress with lace overlay top:

Last but not least, this little girl made us smile in delight! She saw herself on the big screen, and go so excited – this was her reaction:

Congratulations to Mount Mary University, and their students, for showing such wonderful creativity!

This is an event that should not be missed!