In August 2018 Anke Wonder moved from Germany to the USA. In her luggage she brought her own designed and sewn wedding dress, the grooms suit and her Moms wedding outfit. Now she calls Milwaukee my new home.

Already as child, she dreamed of becoming a Fashion Designer and studied right after high school Fashion Design. At the age of 21, she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree, got engaged, came to the USA and built her own Fashion Label.

Believing in the concept of Slow Fashion, she wants to focus on quality rather than quantity. To reduce the waste of fabric during the cut, clothes will be Made to Order. Due to the environment, natural, organic, animal and economically
friendly fabric mean a lot to her. But at the same time she likes playing with colors, contrasts and details. She believes that everyone is colorful inside by having different interests, opinions and experiences and this colorful world will be transformed by wearing Anke Wonders collections. She is very passionate about not only offering special and functional clothes but also following the mission of sustainability.