Gawarecki Studio is run by Anna Beth Gawarecki. She is a 23 year old originally from Raleigh, NC who now lives in Madison, WI. From a young age, she always loved beautiful things, especially clothing. Anna Beth has six years of experience in Fashion Design. She also does Styling, Textile Design, and Graphic Design. She went to NC State University’s College of Textiles for Fashion & Textile Design for four years. Anna Beth is inspired by the confidence, happiness, and passion of those around her and wishes to instill people with those aspects through her clothing and accessories. Her design aesthetic is very textural and eclectic, but always bold and large & in charge in size, color, and/or print. The latest projects from Gawarecki Studio are a collection for Milwaukee Fashion Week and an Esty Shop that will be opening in late 2018.

For more information, please visit her website here!