As a child growing up with a gorgeous and fashionable mother, I was instantly drawn to the sophistication of a woman. Watching my mother get ready for a special occasion fascinated me, I remember her glowing with confidence. My mother was and always has been my inspiration when it came to fashion. At a young age, I already knew exactly what I wanted to do – I wanted to have a clothing line, but I wanted to create something and have a purpose behind it. I wanted every woman to have that same glow my mother had, because to me it was important for every woman to not only look beautiful, but feel it as well.  I never had any formal training in sewing, nor did I know where to start. All I knew was that I had a lot of passion. In 2010, while I was pregnant with my third child, a stay at home mother, and a victim of domestic violence, I took the initiative and began learning how to sew myself. I bought a sewing machine, learned how to thread it, and that’s where it all began. I started realizing that the more I sewed away, the more I began to believe in myself and most importantly, love myself. It became very personal to me and very important that I keep going. I knew that I had found a way to empower other woman like me.

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