Designer Spotlight: SS Couture

Designer Spotlight: SS Couture

by Alex Kopish, July 8, 2018

Go big or go home, baby!  All the fabulousness of Las Vegas is coming to Milwaukee when SS Couture struts through Milwaukee Fashion Week this fall.  Nicole Nannetti, designer of SS Couture, says she is excited for the bigger venue this year which is the Potawatomi Casino.  No collection is better suited for this runway than Nicole’s Vegas themed collection, bound to inspire a vintage Las Vegas romance.

Nicole Nannetti started her what she thought would be a practical career of Accounting at Illinois State, and she was good at it too, winning a 1st place state Accounting championship.  But something inside Nicole kept tempting her to take Fashion courses at Illinois State and at Michigan State.  She just recently quit a full-time practical career to make more time to pursue her desired career in fashion.

“I started with making prom dresses for girls who couldn’t find dresses they liked,” said Nicole, explaining that inclusion fashion is her primary concern in her work.  If women can’t find dresses they like whether it is because of personal taste, religious reasons, body shape, or age, Nicole will work with women to ensure they feel comfortable in her designs without them having to give up any part of themselves.  “When you look beautiful on the outside, you feel good on the inside,” said Nicole.  She simply strives to make women feel more beautiful.

Most of Nicole’s designs are formal dresses, but she is currently working towards creating her own ready-to-wear fashion.  When not working not working on her own designs, Nicole is a busy, caring mother of three kids and two dogs.  She creates graphic design work for t shirts and infant onesies and she turns wedding gowns into christening dresses.

She scans Pinterest and other social media for ideas.  If she sees a design she is inspired by, she said she will just go for it, and reconstruct the design with her own twist on it.  When it comes to fashion, “just go for it” seems to be Nicole’s motto.  When asked who she looks to for inspiration, Nicole said she really resonates with Vera Wang.  Both designers create extravagant formal dresses, but can be found wearing a simple tee and jeans outfit.

In society right now, women supporting women is very mainstream and Nicole’s business is very much in line with this idea.  She said she gets excited looking for models who do not fit the typical model body mold and teaching them how to walk her designs down the runway.  Her excitement comes from seeing the model’s enjoyment of modeling.  It is almost every girl’s dream to be a model and feel beautiful in front of an audience.  Nicole is making room for women of all body shapes, ages, and ethnicities on the runway.  She hopes that the audience can look at her dresses going down the runway and be able to easily picture themselves wearing the dresses.

Check out her new collection on Thursday, September 13th! Tickets are on sale now!
For more information on SS Couture, visit their website!