Milwaukee Fashion Week – Thank You!

Wow! What an AMAZING Milwaukee Fashion Week this year!

To all of our sponsors, designers, hair and makeup artists, models, volunteers, and guests… THANK YOU!! The success of Milwaukee Fashion Week is undoubtedly due to each and every one of you! Words cannot describe our sincere gratitude for your support.

A big Thank You to for being Milwaukee Fashion Week 2017’s Presenting Sponsor! And Thank you to Schwanke-Kasten Jewelers, Hupy and Abraham, S.C., and Alpha Dog Audio for being our Gold and Silver Sponsors.

Thank you to Mark Roscoe, Nadia A Ivanova, and Taneasha Prunty for being guest celebrity Designers! It was a great pleasure working with such wonderful people, and look forward to working together again!

Thank you to all of the Designers that participated in Milwaukee Fashion Week – The hard work, details and creativity you have put into your collections, this past year, blew us away. Absolutely INCREDIBLE talent!!

Thank you to all of our hair and makeup artists that volunteered their time for an amazing cause – you were amazing not only for being great artists, but for all the long hours and willingness to go the extra mile! Lucent Sky Creations, Illuminate-Hair and Makeup, Hidden Beauty Salon, Lexas Luxurious Looks/Lashes, Gemma-Louise Fitzsimmons, Julie A Roets Stubenrauch and her team of students from MATC, Chris Lutz, Rachel Stiles Mua, AnnaMarie Jones, Yasmeen Powell, Chia Nazario, Raymond Dixon, and many more!

Thank you to all of the photographers we have worked with this last year – Geoffe Wilde, John Prusak of Bark River Photography, Topher Gould of Dark Idea Photography & Design LLC, Dave Hathaway of DRH Photography, Liz Klein of Liz Klein Photography & Design LLC, and Jenna Pamintuan-Foscato of Tiffany Blue Photography, LLC – Your work is as amazing as you each are, and we look forward to working with you again!

Thank you to Blake Alexander, Joshua Samson, and Gino De Luca for being our VIP guest performers. Outstanding!

Thank you to Bob Reimer, Director of Staff and our go-to guy, for all of his hard work and dedication! Thank you Joaneirys Luciano, John Kowalkowski, Alex Chili Jankowski, Lupita Murillo, Tatiana Rocio, Otis Too-Jae’k Sims, and Rebecca Buchman for helping make this event become so amazing!

Thank you to all of the guests, models, artists, and volunteers…. Every last one of you were FANTASTIC! And we look forward to seeing you all in 2018!

Please be sure follow @MKEFW on Instagram and Twitter, and keep your eye out for some special announcements about upcoming events!